HARVEST FAMILY CHURCH - The Church That Love Is Building
About Us
Harvest Family Church
For over ten years Harvest Family Church has stood as a lighthouse of hope in this community. Many lives have not only been touched but changed forever by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our goal to not only preach Christ, but for a lost world to see an example of a Christian life in us. It is our desire to reach out to hurting people with a message of hope and love.

Our vision is to help you make a significant connection with God, build vital relationships with others and help you discover God's purpose for your life! We believe that your life is important and that God created you with a unique purpose!
Our Values:
-We're more interested in giving a cold cup of water to a thirsty person than we are in drinking it ourselves.

-We're more interested in rubbing shoulders with people who have made plenty of mistakes than we are in standing next to people who pretend they haven’t. 
-We’re more interested in following an unpredictable Savior than we are in crawling after the expected and routinely predictable.
-We’re more interested in equipping you in the real world that God created and loved than we are in creating a Christian bubble.
-We’re more interested in growing big people than we are in growing a big church.
-We’re more interested in helping you discover a life of worship than we are in furthering a musical genre.
-We’re more interested in walking through life together than we are in watching each other from a safe distance.
-We are a community that is guided by these Biblical Values, they will guide every decision we make, every relationship we nurture, and every plan we can see, this is the road we are choosing to travel…………


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